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Ridewell Tees Valley


What we do:

Ridewell Tees Valley provides courses in advanced motor biking through two structured Modules that are tailored to you needs. This is done as follows:
Module 1 is ‘Day 1’ and Module 2 is simply ‘Day 2’.

The aim of both modules is to look at enhancing your existing riding skills, together with developing new ones that will assist you in making safe progress on your bike whilst allowing your riding to flow, regardless of the type of road that you are riding on, taking your road riding skills to a whole new level.  We’ll teach you how to improve your cornering and overtaking skills, along with how to extend your observations to help you plan for these hazards.

All of the experience is delivered on the fantastic roads that surround us in the Yorkshire and Durham dales, along with some extended routes through Cumbria.The objectives for both modules are identical, but the difference between them is in your own development as a rider and the level we deliver at. Of course, if people wish to, we can still deliver Module 1 & 2 back to back.

We use the police riders’ manual; ‘Roadcraft’ as the foundation for the experience, however, we recognise that this also should reflect some flexibility.  We’ll also give you an input on science behind the body and how you can remain fit to ride for longer.

This experience will take your road riding to a whole new level.  Many who have completed the experience in the past are testament to that.




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New Skills Added:

During the last 18 months, the Ridewell Team have added a few new skills/qualifications to their portfolio having worked on front line ambulances providing support to the NHS trusts.  Those new skills have allowed the team to take a step further in considering the safety of riders, by developing a collision scene management programme with a variety of options.  Primarily it is aimed at the initial treatment of casualties should anybody be unfortunate enough to come upon the scene of a collision, or indeed if somebody in a group of riders is involved as such. 

The courses will cover casualty assessment, initial treatment, basic life support, essential information to provide to the ambulance service, and safe crash helmet removal.  Beyond that, it will cover issues such as how to manage a collision scene until the arrival of the emergency services, along with how to preserve evidence which could be beneficial to any subsequent investigation.

The options that exist for this programme are whether people require an awareness of 1st aid and scene management, or a certificated course.


So, who are the three owners?

Steve Darby, Nick Walker, and Dick McReddie.

Steve and Nick are both retired Class 1 Police Riders to VIP Status. Both are qualified advanced riding coaches and both are examiners for international advanced riding/driving organisations.  Steve was also formerly the force’s advanced bike instructor and ACU Off road instructor, with Nick being a former CBT/DAS instructor.  Dick has a massive wealth of experience and is well known within advanced riding groups throughout the region.  Dick holds a RoSPA gold qualification, which is recognised as the highest civilian riding standard that can be achieved.  He is also an advanced tutor for RoSPA, a national observer, and local observer assessor for the IAM, and he currently holds an IAM Masters qualification.
Well, that’s about all for now, other than we’re really looking forward to assisting people to develop their skills, and look forward to meeting both new and returning customers.

Give us a call on 07794 160412 and we’ll arrange an experience best suited for you.
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